How a low carb diet can help people lose weight.

Is 2017 the year for fitness? It seems more and more people talk about having the perfect body and optimal health. Exercising and dieting are being implemented in order to lose weight. Many people try to exercise their way out of bad nutrition, but I do not believe this is possible. 90% of your desired body is made in the kitchen. Along with type 2 diabetes reversal and numerous other positive health benefits, a low carb diet may help you achieve your desired outcome.

Now let’s talk about what makes up a  low carb dieta low carb diet is a diet in which you reduce your carbohydrate intake (sugar, pasta, rice, etc) and replace with low carb alternatives (meat, leafy green vegetables, limited berries and starches). The low carb diet is very effective in weight loss if implemented correctly. Numerous studies show that the low carb approach is more effective than other nutritional approaches.

What does low carb mean??

Again, a low carb diet means consuming less carbohydrates and more non-carbohydrate sources. Your first step should be to eliminate added sugar including high sugar drinks (sodas, energy drinks with sugar, sweet tea). This first step will dramatically improve your blood sugar and minimize blood sugar swings.

For a 6 week incremental low carb approach, click link and you will be emailed a guide to help you begin your low carb journey. You may have to paste address in your web browser.

Foods that you may eat on the low carb plan.

Eat- Meat, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables, fats such as grass fed butter and coconut oil. Avoid most plant based oils such as corn, soybean and vegetable oil. Depending on your carbohydrate tolerance, you can also eat limited fruits and other root vegetables.

 Avoid –sugar and starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice, beans and potatoes.

There are solid scientific reasons why low-carb diets works. When you avoid sugar and starches, it stablizes your blood sugar and insulin levels which in turns reduces your fat storing ability. You begin to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for energy.

Who should avoid a strict low carb diet-

If you have chronic conditions, you should consult your physician before going on a low carb diet. Also, do not change and/or discontinue your medications without medical advice. Functional medicine physicians focus on nutrition and prevention, so you may want to seek this type of advice to complement your current physician’s approach.

Examples of carbs

The number in these visuals indicate the number of carbs per serving.




How low to go??

The number of carbs you eat will need to be specific to each person. Depending on the amount of exercise, activity, current weight and goals, your daily intake could vary from no carbs to 150 grams or more per day.

I recommend an incremental approach. My best advice is to simply get started.


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